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Posted by clanmills at May 24, 2015, 9:45:20 AM
Re: Port SH3D to Android
Alex: I wish you luck with this, however I'm not confident that you're going to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Let me explain why I believe you'll be disappointed. I worked in CAD for 10 years. 1981-1991. During those days, the IGDS "cross-platform" CAD format emerged. I don't recall ever being impressed because the standard represented "the lowest common denominator" of the computer model. In other words, many CAD systems could only represent about 80% of their data in IGDS and could only understand about 80% of the IGDS file. So, on a good day, you'd only get about 80%*80% = 64% conversion. And there were many un-good days. You'll almost certainly find that lighting sources, textures, names of items of furniture are lost.

Think about a simpler cross-platform file transfer matter. A Word document. When you push it through Acrobat into PDF, then into Apple Pages, then back to Word. You'll be lucky if you can even read the document.

However, I have two thoughts to cheer you up:
1 My work on Exiv2 v0.25 has finally finished (about 2000 hours over the last 2 years) and I'm going to get moving again this week on ToWebPlugin.
2 The technology you want will appear in time. Sweet Home 3D is incredible and can easily create 3-D models (on Mac/Linux/Windows) that would have been impossible on any system only 30 years ago. Today the phones are running some concoction of Linux. Within 2 or 3 years, the phone will be running full Linux. The phone will have a docking station to enable you to run on big monitors on your desktop. This has already been proposed for Ubuntu. With such a phone, your heart's desire will exist.

While we're waiting for Ubuntu (or Apple or Google) to beef up the OS, I'd appreciate some help and encouragement with ToWebPlugin. You could help me to test it AND you can develop more templates. Join me and let's have some fun.