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Posted by Pixelwizard at May 24, 2015, 8:48:25 AM
Re: Port SH3D to Android
hi all!

from time to time i'm back, still working with sh3d. basically i'm on the same issue and just want to give a hopefully useful hint.

as i have done a complete industrial area with sh3d (office and production buildings, stoarages etc.), i decided to use this buildings in a web(ona-a-stick) application etc. the main problem i guess is known, mobile devices based on android or ios might not run the sh3d-viewer because of java (strange but true). to explain the idea i had...i was basically looking for a web-server solution localy on a android-tablet, found one and was able to install wordpress-cms. typo3 stops because of an open-ssl issue. so back on my workstation i was looking for some - webgl - solutions to bring my buildings to the web, with two important points: 1) without any external viewer and 2) the result must be responsive. basically i found a solution: take a look to the open-source webgl editor "kuda". actually i play around with the samples an to integrate the kuda-files to typo3-cms. as i understand, the main lib used is "node.js" an some addition, which convert ".dae"-files to "json". well, i'm not a real programmer, maybe some skills and a lot of ideas.

the main thing from my point of view should be to use existing libs like node.js and or three.js - and last but not least a working converter from obj to dae. actually i play with anycad-exchange 3d, but this is a "bad" program, because in background a chinese antivirus programm will be installed. so if you test this, be careful.

next step will be to use blender to convert the files. actually the main problem, the parts of the construction will loose colour and/or texture for some reason, wehn obj is converted to dae. i just guess it might be the grouping of some parts which cause this effect. or - and it seems optically like this - it depends on the position and behaiviour of the main light source set in sh3d. because thats the first impression i get viewing the converted files. or it might be caused by using the compressed sh3d-file before exporting to obj.

so finally my thoughts to find a real cross-platform solution which also gives you all positive effects should be the way using a webgl-path. at least the samples i tested was running on all my devices properly.

kind regards
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