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Posted by mazoola at May 20, 2015, 2:48:52 AM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 5.0
The beta has been very stable -- which is a good thing, as I mistakenly managed to open *and* save a current project using it.

Some observations:

o The improved Collada import is much appreciated.
o The warning about large textures works fine. Now can I have a 'preferences' option to disable it? :)
o The 'modify object in group' function is probably going to be the biggest productivity improvement [so far] in 5.0 -- a bit surprisingly, actually, as I'd never thought it was much of an imposition to ungroup/modify/group. But then I sorted furniture alphabetically, and groups started ungrouping non-consecutively....
Unfortunately, the function isn't quite ready for prime-time, I fear. I've found two problems: First if you expand a group and select one of its components, you can't always move from object to object correctly. That is, using up- or down-arrow from one item to the next doesn't work; focus skips randomly among the items, and some items sometimes can't be selected at all.
Second -- and this is harder to quantify -- but it appears actions taken against one item within a group may sometimes be applied to all. (Or maybe I was just doing something unsupported.) In brief, in one plan I have five boxes representing glue-lam beams arranged vaguely like an octothorp (i.e., pound sign, number sign, hashtag) and grouped together. Noticing one wasn't aligned quite correctly, I expanded the group, clicked on the component in question, and used the arrow keys to nudge it into alignment. Doing so causes the other items to shift -- but seemingly not in step with the one moved. I replicated the effect a number of times, but I couldn't discern if all items in the group shifted the same amount or if the amount shifted remained the same. (Again, this might be outside the intended scope of the function -- that is, selecting an item and then using the arrow keys to modify; if so, though, the documentation should reflect this.)

I haven't tried the other modifications, yet.

Oh, BTW, I'm still using XP on this machine, so before I could do anything I had to increase the stack to 1024mb -- which worked just fine.