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Posted by 9NAT at Mar 26, 2015, 4:19:30 AM
smile   Port SH3D to Android
Thanks a lot for you all
it would be great if you can develop a viewer for android. That's Amazing idea.



However, all is not lost. I'm working on "ToWebPlugin". This will make it easy to generate web galleries of images and floor plans and that will work with the browser on Android, iOS and the Desktop. ToWebPlugin

Although this doesn't enable you to render the SH3D model, it will enable you to share content on the web for viewing on mobile (and desktop) devices.

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I've found a way to view models on Mobile Devices. Download the MeshLab viewer. This can render .obj files. I've put a model of my home on this page:

There are two versions of the model (with and without furniture).

On Android, I was able to load Unzip it and open SGy/SGy.obj with MeshLab. I was a little underwhelmed as the model had lost its color and textures.

On iOS/Safari click on the link and use "Open With" and Select MeshLab
MeshLab crashes for me on the iPod/Touch

On MacOS-X, everything works fine. I used File/Import Mesh to read SGy/SGy.obj. I expect the mobile versions of MeshLab will work well at some time in the future.

I also found a web-site (can't remember where) to which you can upload the obj file. That worked well on mobile and desktop browsers.