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Posted by jayson at Mar 20, 2015 7:15:00 PM
Batch processing for high quality images
Hi team,

i'll build my own house in coop with my architect based on the ideas i created with sweet home 3d.

I often take use of the great feature to create high-qual images.
Large sized images take a lot of time. And if i want to create several images, i've to drink 2 cups of coffee till one image is processed, and then start the new image-processing.

Could you develope a feature, wich makes it possible to mark different points within the 3d-visualization, and then do a batch image processing job on them. So i could leave my computer for some hours an get a couple of great images.

Maybe you could use the video frontend and add the option: just take fotos of every marked point of the videoscene.
Should't be much work i think.

thank's for this great product and your creativity.