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Posted by Desslok at Mar 7, 2015 1:21:37 AM
Re: Reality Check
To each his own. You are right about the difficulty of applying textures in Blender. I can never seem to get it right. Either the texture overlaps the face it is supposed to be applied to, or it's off on one or more of the dimensions and when I try to adjust it, it seems to get worse not better. And even when I manage to get it somewhat close to what I want, when I go to import it into Sweethome3d, the textures almost always disappear. If I load the object in Blender the texture is there, load it in Sweethome3d and it's bare. I've tried putting it into zip files, zipping it with all textures. Nothing seems to work. Doing it my way, works - at least for me. If I didn't say it before let me say it did good on your project. It looks fantastic.