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Posted by carlctz at Feb 18, 2015, 12:58:25 PM
Re: SH3D 4.6
Having issues with the new version seems to freeze up the application. Previous version worked just fine. When I open up sweethome3D any of my homes just freeze on my screen nothing wants to work even it doesn't want to close the application. Even if I try to force close the application via windows task manager it still does not close. All I can do is minimize the program to my taskbar and that's it, its still running in background refusing to close only remedy is to restart my pc even then the program itself won't allow the pc to restart and I have to keep telling windows to force close the program and it takes 10 to 15min to restart the pc. The previous version worked fine 100% no issues only problem was I'm running out of memory to render immages my system specs are Intel Celeron CPU G470 @ 2.00GHz , Installed RAM is 2GB with a 1GB or atleast 1744MB Nvidia Geforce GT520 FULL HD grafix card (for gaming) running currently on 1920x1080 (60hz) I have tried changing the values on SweetHome3D.l4j file but even that seems not to work
I'm a self professed NOOB at almost anything in life into gaming, mobile web design and 3D animation or design software.