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Posted by slimpy at Dec 31, 2014 3:08:04 PM
Reality Check
While designing the interior of our new flat (see kitchen images posted earlier) I was wondering how realistic the rendered images would be.
I then decided to find out by modeling our current living room.
This is how it turned out:

full size

full size

Scene facts:
- 17 light sources
- 16 custom-made furniture models, including fireplace and window
- 4 adapted models
- 4 stock models
- render time at best quality, 3200x2133px approx. 2 hours

It is probably safe to say that the right furniture and some clever lighting you can come pretty close to reality. The lighting is a tricky part and especially difficult if you don't have anything real to compare to, e.g. when modeling a house that has yet to be built.

Hope you enjoy!

Best, slimpy