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Posted by okh at Nov 30, 2014 9:54:26 AM
Re: Lateral view of indoor walls
I absolutely agree with your conclusion, a lateral view, even simple, would be a huge asset for many SH3D users (the correct ticket is SF FR 484, sorry). So, you don't like my 10 minute fa├žade mock-up, huh? And you are right, it is indeed primitive. And could be given a more professional look with Sketchup or Blender. But:
  • Sketchup (not to mention Blender), is an altogether different kettle of fish in terms of user interface. Some users might find that frustrating if all they need is a lateral view.
  • The only way (I know) of importing SH3D work to the free version of Sketchup, is via bitmap(?). With Blender, it works well, but I suspect that for most users they will have forgotten what they wanted to do before they figured out how to do it in Blender.
  • Sketchup is a wonderful piece of software, but not Open Source and not (fully) cross-platform.
  • Using SVG lets you stay in an open, interchangeable format, and still scribble and make notes on the lateral sketch. Inkscape, LibreOffice and other software will work well, and probably easier to use for the non-professional. And I happen to love the SVG integration with HTML and text editability.
  • I cannot help smiling when you say that building authorities expect a more professional look. Yes, you are right, they certainly do. But (as a lawyer) I read the formal requirements in my municipality a while back. And as long as the scale was correct and certain measurements indicated, well, it looks to me as if they have to accept them.
All that said, I agree and your points are good, a non-distorted, lateral view (with measurements) would be super, as long as it does not defy the beautiful simplicity of SH3D.