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Posted by bitacovir at Nov 30, 2014 5:58:05 AM
Re: Lateral view of indoor walls
I think that your facade is fine. But documentation for authorities is something more professional. Anyway I would recommend you SketchUp. It is easy and free. It includes measurements and you can print perfect facades for planing permission. maybe you can export your model from SH3D to SketchUp.

My point is SH3D can do quicly some things that SketchUP cannot. Such as the work with layaout and renders. Even for small renders of architectural visualsiation SH3D is much friendly and fast than Blender, making it more suitable for small projects or presentation in the early design stage.
If SH3D focuses for next versions on layout of ceilings and elevation of inner walls, it would be a great improvement for a more complete interior design tool.