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Posted by bitacovir at Nov 28, 2014 11:02:08 PM
Re: Lateral view of indoor walls
I see that the top or plan view is a perfect tool to show layouts, with position of furnitures and measurements. I used this to present a concept design of a house for a colleague to analyse the final cost of the building. The 3D view and renders provided by sweethome3D are perfect to present a comprehensible visualisation of a project for our clients.
However, architects display the information of a project with other views in their blueprints:
1) Front view of fa├žades.
2) Views of sections (probably is not so necessary for sweethome3D).
3)Plan views (SH3D performs very well).
4)Plan of ceilings (to show the configuration of ceilings in a room with position of lamps, electrical elements, etc)
5) Plan of floor or carpet (SH3D can do it)
6) Elevation view of inner walls for each room (missing in SH3D)

Plans of floor, ceiling and elevation of walls are the more common graphical display for interior design that architects use. I think that SH3D should target to these features (no need to be complex features) to get a more complete interior design tool.