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Posted by okh at Nov 27, 2014 2:49:11 PM
Re: Lateral view of indoor walls
I agree that a horizontal (non-distorted) view could be useful. The question has come up before, e.g. thread 5416, also describing a couple of workarounds.

Exporting a wall as .obj, re-import and rotate, add dimensions and texts, save as .svg and edit with (for instance) Inkscape, is a possibility. If you use multiple levels in Inkscape, keep wall outline on a lower level (with texture), dimensions on the next up, structural elements, plumbing, wiring symbols on top of that, etc. you can use different tools (layer opacity) to create a pretty accurate work-sketch.

Not ideal, I suppose, and you need to get a feel for Inkscape (or whatever software you use) but result is not half bad.