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Re: Sweet Home 3D 4.5
I am vary glad to see that SH3D going to release v4.5. peace whistling
On this page try the model called Trees 9. When imported with v4.4 the model is OK and shows 9 trees. When imported with v4.5b the 9 models are all centered around the same X,Y coordinate.
Hans is right. When importing some grouped objects it become centered. I think already reported this issue. It happens both obj and 3ds format. Suppose if two objects have same pivot location like object_2 have pivot located at 0,0,0(x,y,z) and object_6, pivot located at 0,0,0(x,y,z) but both have different positions in view port/drawing then it imported to SH3D it become overlapped.
See the example

but it needs to be arranged in this way.

In 3dsMax, for grouped objects when it is exported this bug does not affected while re importing and the groups become ungroupes automatically.

In my opinion SH3D require some more script that locate the object based on pivot and this pivot arranged based on grid positions.
Hope I explained it properly. If you don't get what I mean let me know. I am ready to explained it more.
This modern closet doesn't import in v4.5b, but it does import in v4.4, although without textures or texture groups. The OBJ model does import.......
Importing 3ds file is success but texture changed.(Obj shows no problem.)
[In my experiences 3DSMax sometimes 3ds format does not working properly with smooth effect(not turbosmooth like add vertex), materials especially MentalRay and Vray, instace... So I prefer the mtl editable obj. If you really like to add supporting new format then why don't animation supported FBX. Did you ever try open .max file using 7zip?. silly ]
The trick is to save each TIFF file it uses as JPEG (or PNG) files keeping the original name even if its suffix is tif. Just need a little patience:
If jpg can import as tif then why HDRI can't import. Waiting for HDRI support as Modify 3d view -> Sky(Texture). thinking
I am very much interested to know current progress of yafaray code conversion. cowboy