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Posted by povoutfitters at Jun 3, 2014, 9:13:52 PM
confused   How can I create overhead lighting diagram
I have a large rectangle shaped building with 10 rows of overhead fluorescent lights, which are controlled by about 8 switches.

I have an existing SweetHome 3D diagram of the building. I would like to create a visual reference so that I know which switch controls each row of lights.

What I would like is a diagram of the rows of fluorescent lights in an "overlay" of the building diagram, the building being "dim" or a diminished grey appearance with the lights being very prominent. This will allow an easy visual reference with the building diagram showing showcases and other items that are in the layout. Then, I can number the rows of lights on the diagram to mark their corresponding power switches.

I have taken a copy of my SweetHome 3D diagram of the building and added a second floor, which is where I have laid out the rows of fluorescent light fixtures.

I am unable to find an easy way to print out the images combined?