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Re: Sweet Home 3D 4.4
By searching through google&wiki Ni value is minimum 0.001& maximum 10,normal 1 and this limitation is not derived in folder)

But I don't really understand the export to OBJ issue you mentioned in your message.

Do step by step
1. Import a model in .3ds or .dae format(*not OBJ) in an empty SH3d.
2. Then save as a new work file (untitled_Save.sh3d)
3. With out closing sh3d and without any modification for imported furniture, goto 3dview->Export to OBJ format,(export it as Untitled_Export.obj).
4. Render model and save image.
5. Close SH3d
6. Using 7zip application Open saved work file(untitled_Save.sh3d).
7. Extract folder 01 content(3dmodel.obj/somthing) where Untitled_Export.obj saved
8. Import these extracted content.obj and exported .obj in a new SH3D and render a view.
You can clearly feel the differnce if the model consist of smoothed,complicated in shape and have different materials like glass, metal are used.
9. Use any comparison application and compare both *.obj file and then both *.mtl file
10. Exported Obj is bigger and different, but mtl file is almost same.

If I import a model then export as obj then again import it in SH3D then again export the model, by repeating import, export steps more than a 10 times then the model and its material is completely changed(only skeleton exist).
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