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Re: Sweet Home 3D 4.4
Yes it time to release v4.4 congratulations applause in advance.
But new version still comes with same bugs. Sorry I don't wish to mess with them all by reporting to you(like a barking dog in the sweet night)
1. I am talking about both "Ni" and "d". I think transparency value (Ni/optical density) may not be defined correctly also transparency color is not defined in .Obj format like in .dae does.
When I work with glass material I always do this steps.
2. 3d window failed to refresh when it loose focusing(Out of focus ). Most probably when modify level window appears. You can also try by clicking and minimizing taskbar SH3D icon, then click any other program then re-open/pop-up SH3D by clicking again SH3D icon in taskbar band.(4 different furniture with different materials and a wall is in 2D view, select any of the furniture also). Else you can try by allowing pop-up furniture description window in 3d view, then scroll mouse wheel slowly.

No it does not happens in previous versions
okh : 3D window did not update changes made in 2d

Also I feels that 3d refreshing speed is slightly improved than 4.4 beta1,(may be fixed with improving selected texture refresh speed)
When you changed
3. When I apply a texture to sky it does not render in Arial view.( I think IBL is not working)
4. If you add a key combination like
Alt+Tab = Rotation only
Shift+Tab = Move only
Ctrl+Tab = Scale only
Shift+Ctrl+Tab = Uniform scale(x,y,Z)

will be a very helpful. tongue

I am running with Windows 7 32bit & javaJDK 1.7.051