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Posted by Puybaret at May 27, 2014, 6:00:32 PM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 4.4
Thank you both for your feedback.
The 6th button displays the icon and is available only if you login.

I improved the logic of files checking/saving in the Beta 13 of the Online version, and the furniture list will display imported furniture in italic in the online version, to help you find these objects when the home data size is too large. Showing a file size indicator could be nice too, but let's see first how the import feature is used…

it is pretty cool that a 16.8 MB model can be reduced to 3.3 MB!
It's not really reduced. In the online version, the data of a home comes from:
- the drawing coordinates of furniture, walls, rooms...,
- the furniture and images imported by the user,
- and the redistributable 3D models and texture images available on server (through free 3D models page for example).
The difficulty was to try to find as much as possible uses of redistributable 3D models and texture images without downloading everything, to reduce the size of the remaining data in a home. A smaller size ensures that saving (i.e. upload to the server) time will be reasonable for the end user, that bandwidth use won't increase too much on the server and that home data won't occupy too much space on the server too. For the programmers interested in the subject, I added SHA-1 digests of 3D model and image files in the online libraries and compare them with the digest of each model and image used in a home file at importation time. If two digests are equal, then the model or the image in the file can be replaced by a reference to the same file on the server (see resolveObject method in HomeObjectInputStream and the new class ContentDigestManager).
So, if you followed everything, 3.3 MB is the size of (compressed) data that couldn't be found on server. wink

Maybe a FTP support will be an option?
What do you mean?
Emmanuel Puybaret, Sweet Home 3D developer