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Re: Sweet Home 3D 4.4
Sorry for the delay.
At last I found some interesting this.
Do you mean I should reduce refraction to 8 for better results?

No It was my mistake, when reducing reflection & increase refraction It reduces black dots slightly, not Removes completely.
After a lot off experiments in between 3ds-max, SweetHome3D & sunflow I got the result.
Different Glass materials applied with different obj shapes & render it in 3DSMax Mental ray

Then this objects imported into SH3D & render different method by tweaking caustic & reflection, but got the error image.

Then I using default SH3D files & started tweaking Object I got this result.

The problem is so simple. To get the result I change the transparent object material.-Furniture->Modify->Material.
If transparent/Glass color = Green by default then I go modify->material ->color =Green ,then Render. It give the result what I need exactly.
Come to the point,
If the object is transparent(Object.mtl d<1) Photorenderer .java failed to set shader dependent parameters like specular, glossyness, shaderName-uber at its default or failed to export these values to sunflow.

When a new value is applied it over returns the default values and works fine. batting eyelashes
See: No shader.


A new color/Texture is applied.
But it failed some times to apply texture when d <0.1. In this image all Glass materials are failed to render

Its a nice idea if texture material is white,Object become fully transparent & if black it transmit light inside to the object(only if d<1).
I think the bug located from here
to here
Sorry I'm not a programmer. I have a little knowledge in C++(SH3D introduce me first Java. Thxs a lot) love struck .
Here is some more render output&work files .