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love struck   Re: Sweet Home 3D 4.4
It's good to know that black dots can disappear using a bigger antialiasing.

I 'm sorry. I forgot to explain properly the content of Trial render.rar=
(File order)_(parameter/method using)_(its value)_(Time taken to render)
consider 18,19,20th files ,18th picture using Balckman-Haris filter AA.min=0+AA.max=0(AA disabled) gives less &small black dots, in 19th AAmin=2+AA.Max=3 gives more dots ,in 20th AA.min=-3+AA.Max=-2 dots still existing & image blured/smooth.
A value of 0 corresponds to 1 sample per pixel. A value of -1 corresponds to 1 sample every 2 pixels (1 per 2x2 block).A value of 1 corresponds to 4 samples per pixel (2x2 subpixel grid).
box (filter size = 1),triangle (filter size = 2),gaussian (filter size = 3),mitchell (filter size = 4),catmull-rom (filter size = 4),blackman-harris (filter size = 4),sinc (filter size = 4),lanczos (filter size = 4),bspline (filter size = 4)
SO : that black dots 'cannot' disappear using a bigger antialiasing.
Also I saw that reflection=4,refraction=4 have more black-spots than reflection=2,refraction=4 OR reflection=4,refraction=8(the ratio).

Anyway in beta6 1. "Select object & Toggle selection" seems fine because either this is the idea/ a bug that you don't explained so I can't see it.
2. Unit conversion seems works fine but different converters have different fraction constant.
In Arial View & day lightsystem(Suppose 7AM) add extra light(suppose blue)source to scene gives shadow color= light(Blue shadow)source color& more GI reflection.
Wish list:
1.A button to clear cache(%AppData%\Roaming\eTeks\Sweet Home 3D\work) after complete project as .png/tiff with alpha masking channel.
3.If you are planning to change render engine then please sunflow as plugin& yafaray instead.
4.On spot Z rotation for furniture for library.
Thank you. tongue