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Re: Sweet Home 3D 4.4
Hello Emmanuel Sir, it become happy to see v4.4b3.
Congrats in advance for v4.4,
But using the beta v.b3 I would like share my results with you
1, Sunflow rendering speed up works fine only if (JDK) JAVA_HOME & Path is defined to my system
Environment variables.Else time & quality almost same.

v4.4b-ArialView_10min24sec & v4.3-ArialView_11min20sec

v4.4-VirtualView_3min25sec & v4.3-VirtualView_3min41sec
2, Rotation works only in view port& Low quality rendering (Already mentioned by hansmex)

3, Sunflow balck dots and white dots are depends on Anti-Aliasing filter and caustic reflection.
Example render outputs->Trial_Render.rar(25MB
new Edit > Select all at all levels
I wish it will make selection without compass.
5, Why don't you utilize the more render parameters come with Sunflow(Fake GI,IrradianceCache)
6, ImageBasedlighting is good&fast than the sunsky light if properly configure.
I got a reference from hereExternal Link
7, Or provide a user configurable drop-box in photorender window for renderer,light, Anti-aliasing.
8, Current sky is using concentrical mapping instead of spherical mapping(Most common method & HDRI Texture maps are easily available).
9, sun light is reddish in morning instead of bluish(4.30AM-7AM)
10, Best of Luck soon, peace shhh love struck
Thank you & pardon my engilish d oh

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