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Posted by Puybaret at Apr 4, 2014, 6:01:17 PM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 4.4
Still get (the same) black dots using both versions with photo from same setting - will look some more. I noticed no performance differences at best setting, though.
Yes, you're right. I made some other tests. There was no performance loss but there were as much black dots as previously. sad
Since its original developer haven't touched this library for years, I think it's a dead end now. I spent so much time trying to manage texture transparency and feel it's still not perfect. I guess better renderings can be achieved only if I now integrate an other library.

- new dropOnTopElevation property to place .. at a preferred elevation..
If I understand you correctly a dropOnTopElevation#1=82 means that other furniture you later import (on top) will end up with an elevation of 82? Regardless of whether the item is higher or lower?
Yes it's exactly this behavior. It should help to place accessories much faster on some tables, shelves, cabinets, but also under trees, plants… If this property is negative, the height of the surrounding object will even been ignored.

- new Furniture > Reset elevation ..
Reset to the elevation to previous value? Not to the original elevation#nn= value?
Reset to the value that would be used if you set elevation to 0 then drop the piece of furniture again on a surrounding object. So not to the original elevation#nn value.

- KMZ file format support ...
I am sure many users will appreciate easier access to the 3D warehouse.
Users will appreciate it mostly once Trimble will have added back a filter for KMZ files in 3D Warehouse search engine, like I requested some time ago (feel free to post yourself a message to show you want this filter too).

I think maybe you are at a point where selecting which items to include (in default library) is getting to be difficult. But then, as a puritan I would prefer the basic selection to be simple, compact and generic. Fully realising that many (most) would probably disagree.
We will see in the future how to handle this at best, and why not proposing libraries organized by themes. At the moment, my goal is to reach 1000 models for Sweet Home 3D available under a free license, and we're very close. Expect a nice surprise with version 4.4. wink
Emmanuel Puybaret, Sweet Home 3D developer