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Posted by okh at Apr 4, 2014, 4:58:08 PM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 4.4
Again congratulations. It is so nice to see new sw versions that actually improves stuff. Also, no crashes, nothing unexpected so far.
- an improved texture chooser ...
Indeed, great improvement!
- .. SunFlow to avoid black dots .. support transparent textures...
Still get (the same) black dots using both versions with photo from same setting - will look some more. I noticed no performance differences at best setting, though.
- new Edit > Select all at all levels ...
Selects like expected. Move workes nicely, rotate (advanced) plugin made a bit of a mess (which could not be undone) - but it did work, sort of...
- new dropOnTopElevation property to place .. at a preferred elevation..
If I understand you correctly a dropOnTopElevation#1=82 means that other furniture you later import (on top) will end up with an elevation of 82? Regardless of whether the item is higher or lower? If so, this could be useful.
- new Furniture > Reset elevation ..
Reset to the elevation to previous value? Not to the original elevation#nn= value?
- KMZ file format support ...
I am sure many users will appreciate easier access to the 3D warehouse.
.. beta version of the furniture libraries...
I think maybe you are at a point where selecting which items to include (in default library) is getting to be difficult. But then, as a puritan I would prefer the basic selection to be simple, compact and generic. Fully realising that many (most) would probably disagree.
Good luck - and thanks!