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Posted by raderator at Dec 3, 2013, 4:14:56 PM
Re: My design for a modern 'park model' home
The closer you tilt the edge of the LED TV toward the wood stove, the less radiant heat will hit it. I could always put a strip of thin black metal on the edges. There would be a convective load but probably no worse than having a TV near a heating vent. A projector would be more fun tho.

By boxing in the panels and providing interior vents, I could make use of the waste heat. But it would probably be too much since I have 12' of glass anyway and not a lot of thermal mass. That Amesti stove, if anything, is going to put out too much heat. We're dealing with 397sf here.

I did a quick drawing of a carport and kinda like it. It would provide extra water for a cistern and might make it feasible outside of the East. Snow loads would be a concern, tho. Speaking of snow, this VT architect confirms my bias toward 'flat' roofs in snow country.

My house would have a single center drain. To prevent a puddle near the fireplace, I would cut an 8' plastic pipe lengthwise, butt the two ends together and stick it down to the roof proving a path for water under the snow to the drain. This is an original idea, as far as I know. I have ten years of experience living in the boonies and dealing with severe ice dams.

Anyway, I'd most likely put this in E Tennessee, SW Utah or NW AZ and not have to deal too much with snow and cold. And without any solar panels, cistern or carport. I want to keep the price down to near $35K, the usual price for a park model.