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rose   Re: Can I customize the render settings
Hans download this file which has default settings
Then copy, paste to the location "C:\Program Files\Sweet Home 3D\SweetHome3D.exe" or the location where the "SweetHome3D.exe" located.
Here is the description for the commands

Edit the values or delete the lines if you want to customize.
Then save SweetHome3D.l4j.ini & start application "SweetHome3D.exe"

Improper or null value makes application crash then delete SweetHome3D.l4j.ini from the directory

To see Available Graphics memory Go to Win > Start > Run (or press Win-key+R),then type "DxDiag" & click display tab > Total memory=
Memory Values must be a multiple of 32.

Here is the file I uses to Exterior rendering

Sorry for my bad .English.
peace dancing