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Posted by m@ at Feb 17, 2013, 11:50:56 PM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 4.0
Hi Emmanuel

I am currently testing V.4.0., Beta 10 under OS X and found out that graphics with the extension *.jpg are no longer supported to import. I can only import the graphics if I rename the graphic to *.jpeg. It's no big thing to me, since renaming is very easy, but I am quite sure that the import of *.jpg graphics was supported in earlier versions. Or am I wrong?

Furthermore, I noticed that there is no possibility to set the X and Y points below zero when importing a background image. Setting the points below zero would come in handy when positioning the background image AFTER having built something. Of course, i can move the whole building to fit the background image, but if you have a building over 4 floors it's quite a lot of stuff to move, compared to move only one background image. (or can I group the floors somehow?)

It's still a great piece of software and I enjoy using it very much!

Besides, a DMG newer than Beta 10 would be nice for testing purposes, but no hurry, take your time smile