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Posted by Puybaret at Feb 17, 2013, 9:25:59 PM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 4.0
Yes, that would represent the very same thing! Would be nice!
Would that work in all the coming versions again? Windows, Linux, Java webstart etc etc
Yes on all versions. It's already programmed and will be available in the next beta.

What I do miss with this 'small flag' is the category the item belongs to! I've many textures in Floor, Wall, etc.. Small bricks could be used either in floors as well as in walls... Could you make it: 'Walls: small bricks'? or 'Walls, small bricks'?
The category of a texture isn't stored at the moment, so it could be changed but I fear that introducing some link that may not exist anymore in the current catalog is a good idea.

That wall has gotten texture in an earlier version of your program; as that texture has not yet been added to the textures list in this beta, is it possible that all used material like this texture example, is automatically added in the list?
I understand it could be handy. Maybe in a future version...

Before, in other (non-beta) versions that 'working field' uses to be normal white.. Now it's about the same color as the rooms that have gotten floors, so to speak... Also 'outside the house' in the garden, so to speak....
Please post here or send to me a screen capture.

The other issues look like Java issues. Could you try to install Java 6 and run the beta with javaws coming with Java 6?
Emmanuel Puybaret, Sweet Home 3D developer