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Posted by robal at Jan 22, 2013, 12:51:29 AM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 4.0
Thanks for a speedy reply !

can't get "create photos at points of view" to work"

I've got an update on the problem.
I've chosen "create new folder" option, and the render process started OK in a sub directory. (Permissions problem ?).
It also started without problems on another PC.
I'll try to investigate further to see when and why exactly the render does not start.

"the new "materials" function is greyed out"

You're right. It's not a trivial problem.
However, I think you use some kind of logic to allow accessing "materials" menu based on similarity of multi-selected objects.
If I select many similar objects, I'm allowed to edit "materials" for all of them, and it works as expected.
However, if I group these objects, I can't.
Couldn't the same same check be run against a group to determine (and allow) using "materials" menu ?