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Posted by starrunner at Aug 8, 2012, 12:03:54 AM
Re: New plugin: Advanced plan editing
While the plugin is currently not in "active" development, I'm still able to add changes when needed - if it takes not to much time. So if for example you add (write) some missing features, I could integrate those.

I haven't created the mentioned dialog for connecting walls, because it worked for me the way it is now as I just invert walls where necessary and it is difficult to come up with a comprehensible solution if more than two walls are selected (which is possible) - if you have one, feel free to implement it and send me the code.

The idea of connection on the intersection point is nice, but would need either the the dialog first or another menu item.

I don't think that adjusting the wall thickness has something to do with the resize dialog, at least not in the way you describe it. The resize operation "moves" every point relative to the selected position. That means a wall closer to that position would gain less thickness - your idea would only work for a rectangular connection of four walls. Next problem: your example calls a wall "outside", but a wall has only left and right. Calculating which one is on the inside and which one on the outside is not that easy (especially if you select walls which are not forming a closed figure).

So all in all you would need a new action called "change wall thickness" which opens a dialog where you can select the direction (left/right) and the amount (relative/absolute) of the modification.

By the way when you implement that functionality you will learn that the mathematical calculation is in most cases not the problem - it is the mapping into the object model and the creation of an intuitive UI. So a simple mathematical problem can lead to an extensive task for a software developer.