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Posted by kbon at Aug 7, 2012, 1:15:16 PM
Re: New plugin: Advanced plan editing
While reading this thread, I had the same idea Hans mentioned in his last post. After selecting walls and hit the "connect" button, a simple popup with i.e. four buttons would be sufficient. Those buttons could look like
"E1 => S2" , "E1 <= S2",
"E2 => S1" , "E2 <= S1" (just example, with E as "End" and S as "Start").
Maybe with a little graphic on top showing two walls and descriptions of their edges. At the first usage, one would need to look a at graphic and buttons to figure it out, but then it should be easy.
And it shouldn't require much change of code (except the dialog box), just defining the two edges and their order by the buttons before connecting the walls.

In that dialog one could also add more buttons, i.e. to connect the extensions of walls.
Lets say I have a wall from (0;0)->(2;0) and (4;4)->(4;1). These intersect at (4;0), which is where I want them to connect. This is a simple example, but imagine two wall-edges very close to each other and maybe even overlapping. Simply connecting them would rotate wall a little to be able to connect to the other wall's edge, thus requiring readjustment afterwards to make them intersect at the same angle they as before.
Computation of intersection of two straight lines is an easy mathematical task, also considering those two to be parallel (in which case there would be no intersection and the button could i.e. be disabled).

Another suggestion is to enable wall thickness adjustment in both directions in the "resize" option (the disabled Y-field for walls). That's also simple mathematical or geometrical (if lines are not perpendicular) calculation. Wall thickness could then be extended in one direction, without "messing up" everything else on the other side of the wall (i.e. I have a complete house, but then decide to use thicker insulation on the outside -> I could easily expand wall thickness to outside direction without having to readjust wall edges as it was the case before when wall thickness was extended in both directions).

I was about to create a plugin with the wall-thickness-adjustmend option myself, but even after reading the plugin-tutorial I'd need a while to read into Java. Besides, we already have this nice plugin, it would be nicer to extend this one rather than creating a new plugin.
I think I'll give it a try, don't know if this plugin is still in development.