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Posted by Puybaret at Nov 7, 2011 1:18:40 AM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 3.4
The Beta 11 brings a few new small features and improvements:
- Added New floors thickness field in preferences pane,
- Added a button to import language libraries in preferences pane to make it easier to install SH3L files when file association doesn't work (there are now 3 SH3L available files: Traditional Chinese , Korean and Finnish),
- Added some tooltips to show the current angle on rotation axis in the 2nd step of the Import furniture wizard,
- Added a table in the Level modification dialog to help users compare the values of the edited level with the ones of other levels.

And as showed in the previous dialog, I checked that the new level feature was able to handle correctly raised floor and false ceiling. This test was made on the attached example that shows the 4 following levels when 3D view > Display selected level menu item is checked (the outer level isn't mandatory but still nice to have).

Raised floor:

Arranged space:

False ceiling:

I guess that a few ones among you are going to be happy because levels actually behave like layers when they are at the same elevation, excepted that walls are always displayed when they are at the same elevation as a level elevation, but I don't feel it's annoying for a software like Sweet Home 3D.

Like always your comments will be appreciated. smile
Attachment OfficeWithRaisedFloorAndFalseCeiling.sh3d (969045 bytes) (Download count: 1196) (Office with raised floor and false ceiling)

Emmanuel Puybaret, Sweet Home 3D developer