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Posted by macfrog at Jun 26, 2011, 7:57:38 PM
Re: Simulate sun position and lights/shadows

- it is possible to make snapshots in the rendering menu. each snapshot is rendered, so that i can make more as one rendering-photo over night
- every rendering photo has a prefix with date and time
eg picture_23062011_120500
i think no picture has the same date and time
- its possible to set "shutdown after rendering"

Good ideas, bit i think it's even easier (for the developer). When the Rendering starts, it always starts with an empty picture. When the user interupts the rendering, all the work done is beeing discarded, even the save button remains useless.
So, to solve this, the program has to store the state of the interupted rendering, keep the resulting unfinished picture somewhere and also the rendered buckets (areas being rendered so far) that are already done (together with the measurements etc.). this could quite easily done by asking the user to save current state of rendering, creating a zip file of the unfinished picture and a xml file with the specs.
I've got a very slow machine here to use as well, and sometimes i really need to stop (or PAUSE!) the rendering, which is impossible. therefore a will NEVER create a movie. i need batch rendering for this.