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Re: 3D Generator
Hi, I purchased this 3D Diesel Generator, which has the formats obj, dae and fbx. Is there a ...
stef.salmon 3 365 Nov 4, 2019 9:11:38 PM
by stef.salmon  Last Page
Photo rendering test
This first test concerns the comparison of rendering with or without [u]caustics photons[/u] using ...
Page:  1  2  3  4  5  6  7
enkonyito 65 49070 Nov 2, 2019 4:11:53 AM
by maureenowaters  Last Page
2D Symbols
I've made a new version of a 2D symbols library. The symbols appear only in 2D plan. I could ...
Page:  1  2  3
dorin 27 42726 Oct 24, 2019 2:18:06 PM
by dorin  Last Page
Comparative global illumination
By default, Sweet Home 3D uses global illumination "ambient occlusion". ...
Page:  1  2
enkonyito 19 13780 Oct 12, 2019 3:43:34 PM
by maureenowaters  Last Page
Creating a 3D Image From a PNG file
Hi, Is it possible to import a png file and then make a 3D shape? I have a 2D logo which ...
stef.salmon 9 958 Oct 6, 2019 5:13:39 AM
by Bubblobill  Last Page
Freelancer help needed
Hello! I need someone to help me out to convert a floor plan PDF to a Sweethome 3d house model. ...
licitat 1 716 Sep 30, 2019 9:41:00 PM
by hansmex  Last Page
6.2 Freezing when I try to Export to OBJ
I've done many successful exports of objects to OBJ format and then imported them to my ...
2CP 2 904 Sep 9, 2019 11:53:10 PM
by 2CP  Last Page
Very sensitive mouse movement
Hi, When I navigate in "Virtual Visit" mode, navigation goes extreemly fast, when I drag ...
svedel77 3 834 Sep 7, 2019 3:40:20 PM
by svedel77  Last Page
Very slow video creation
So, now I have created my floor plans (Thank you for all your kind help) and it is time to create a ...
Cesame 2 879 Aug 29, 2019 7:41:42 PM
by Cesame  Last Page
How to master Sweet Home 3D
How can I be able to use Sweet Home 3D proficiently in the fastest way? Or are there any guides for ...
Edwardstark 1 1517 Aug 16, 2019 9:41:24 AM
by Puybaret  Last Page
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