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cartoon like / cell shader like render?
Would it be possible to have a renderer that renders a cartoon/cell shader style to look soemwhat ...
pixelflub 3 1980 Jun 1, 2019 11:02:52 AM
by digitaltrails  Last Page
Multiple paste & Distribute on high (on z axes)
Until we have a stairs generator for me are more useful this two additional tools: 1. [i]Multiple ...
dorin 4 1733 May 16, 2019 9:16:15 AM
by dorin  Last Page
biggrin More rotations impossible ?
Hi, After import an object (collada), [u]impossible to realize 2 rotations in same time[/u] X ...
bdfd 3 1022 May 13, 2019 7:30:03 AM
by Puybaret  Last Page
Five small suggestions to make life a bit easier:
1) We should be able to choose whether any selected object (including a wall, a room, a window, a ...
Ceciliabr 0 1001 May 9, 2019 10:37:19 PM
by Ceciliabr  Last Page
Autosnap & Shadow effects in 3D View
Hi everyone, I have a couple of things that may be worth mentioning regarding the 3D View prior to ...
Jgiam12 0 847 May 4, 2019 3:30:49 PM
by Jgiam12  Last Page
Close and Exit buttons
I would like the behaviour of the close button to be different. My design so far has generated ...
Jonnie63 0 795 Apr 15, 2019 11:32:08 AM
by Jonnie63  Last Page
applause Turtle / LOGO?
Hi, New to Sweet Home (very nice profram by the way!). I've recently visited a property I ...
therealeasterbunny 0 781 Apr 14, 2019 11:37:57 PM
by therealeasterbunny  Last Page
smile Materials - A level of indirection for textures
Hi Apologies in advance if this is already possible and I just missed it. My design involves ...
Jonnie63 8 3048 Apr 12, 2019 11:48:09 AM
by Jonnie63  Last Page
shock Video Enhancement
I would very much like to be able to export the video path data in an XML file and then be able to ...
Jonnie63 0 1615 Apr 10, 2019 11:36:25 AM
by Jonnie63  Last Page
A Global Ceilings Visible / Invisible Switch
As far as I am aware the switch to turn off a ceiling is only available when editing the properties ...
Jonnie63 1 2133 Apr 10, 2019 10:58:02 AM
by Jonnie63  Last Page
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