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angry Missing full cattalog of 3d Models every time when restart PC
I have lost full cathalog of 3d models everytime when restarting my PC and forsed to add the new ...
MarynaDesna 5 559 Aug 10, 2020, 5:10:57 PM
by pkeenan  Last Page
Error in sh3d 6.4 with old projects ?
Hi, I saw a problem with the new version 6.4 and the old projects (<= 6.3). In the given ...
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bdfd 10 1095 Aug 9, 2020, 7:06:06 AM
by bdfd  Last Page
Hello: I would like to add more furniture to my Sweet Home 3D library. I read somewhere there is ...
KateStanleyDesign 2 740 Aug 3, 2020, 9:04:59 PM
by KateStanleyDesign  Last Page
obj import 90° rotated in twinmotion :) !
Hello all, I'm new on SH3D, I want to try it to make a 3D view of my future house and after, ...
vinsse2001 0 543 Aug 2, 2020, 10:18:18 PM
by vinsse2001  Last Page
Server Side
Hello there, what a wonderful tool! I am implementing this in creating 3D models of French castles ...
Cinenaut 4 4815 Aug 1, 2020, 9:44:29 AM
by Puybaret  Last Page
Texture vs. Material
I am a bit confused regarding applying texture to a piece of furniture (for arguments sake say a ...
mikewu99 1 666 Jul 29, 2020, 7:57:23 AM
by Puybaret  Last Page
confused Printing Walls from side
Hi, I have planned my building and now I would like to calculate cables & electricity and ...
Mr.J 5 4071 Jul 28, 2020, 9:20:46 AM
by Gildaniel  Last Page
Unable to access this forum on WiFi - "spamming IP address detected"
For several days, the only way I can access this forum is via a cellular data connection - on wifi, ...
NemaTode 3 655 Jul 27, 2020, 4:23:20 PM
by NemaTode  Last Page
How do I create an front / elevation view of an interior or exterior wall?
Sorry to ask such a basic question but I can't figure out how to create a front elevation view. ...
NemaTode 1 425 Jul 27, 2020, 10:23:47 AM
by Puybaret  Last Page
Starting with interior measurements and adding dimensions
Hi, I'm using SH3D for the first time and could use some help. All of my measurements are ...
NemaTode 2 571 Jul 26, 2020, 8:20:17 PM
by NemaTode  Last Page
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