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Avatar: Philjord

Re: Renovations 3D for Android


Thanks for taking an interest, the source code can be found on bit bucket, here:


This will show you how it's built on Android, and also the major touch interface differences with Sweet Home 3D.

The complexity in the code comes primarily because the Java3D it's built against is a special clone with all the AWT code removed. That clone of Java3D can be found here:

https://bitbucket.org/philjord/java3d-core-and, https://bitbucket.org/philjord/java3d-utils-and, https://bitbucket.org/philjord/java3d-utils2-and

In order to split the changes required to SweetHome3D into those for Java3D-and and those required to run on Android, there is a project called Renovations3D-desktop that makes SweetHome3D run on Java3D-and here:


This project is built on the SweetHome3D code, then Renovations3d-android is built on Renovations3d-desktop.

It's a bit complex, but it has to be this way so changes to SweetHome3D can flow through to Renovations3D-android in a few minutes and a couple clicks.

If you have any questions regarding the code I'm very happy to explain further.

A final note, to prevent clone apps of Renovations3D from turning up on Google Play (which is a huge problem there) I've had to keep a small portion of the code closed source, so you won't be able to build a working app, unless you re-write that code.



Re: Renovations 3D for Android

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