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Re: How to change the colors of a texture

Nice and instructive blog-post! And nice job on the catwalk. Thanks for emphasising this, texture editing is very useful when working with SH3D. You explain (well) quite an advanced example, though. Editing simple textures - like tiles on a wall - can make a huge difference in the lifelikeness of a SH3D home. There are simpler alternatives, and it is true that Gimp requires some learning, but as you say, very complete. For any half ambitious SH3D project, the Gimp is, in many ways, a perfect supplement to SH3D. For the first time user all the options and details in the Gimp can be a bit frustrating. But the Gimp is well worth spending some time learning; not only for editing textures, but for all sorts of image editing like modifying the images rendered by SH3D (sunflow). Not to mention the usefulness to anyone with a camera or anyone needing textures for webpages or presentations. Like SH3D, the Gimp is a very good example of open-source software that can truly compete with (expensive) proprietary packages. The Gimp has for many years been one of the first software packages I install on a new computer and hard to live without. And, once you master the basics, the options are limitless. Practically every texture I use for SH3D, have been created or edited with the Gimp. ok

Re: How to change the colors of a texture

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