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Avatar: Silvio

Features that will be important

I don't know where to post some ideas to upgrade this useful software, so I post here.

1) When I want to change a texture I could coose the new one and see the old one, but it is impossibile to know which is the old one.

It would be useful to know when I want to replicate the same texture for another object

2) It would be great that in every number field (for instance the lenght of an object) we could insert arithmetic operations as well ;-)

For example: a wall is 374 cm long, I can put 300+45 in the field, and next time I'll find 419

3) Another feature I'd need is the possibility to make hole in the floor. I don't know how, perhaps creating holing shapes. They delete everything the cross

4) The last could be the possibility to set the transparency/opacity f every material and color.

Features that will be important

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