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Avatar: Emmanuel Puybaret

Re: Sweet Home 3D portable version

The source code is the same. It's just the way to assemble everything which is different, that's why I didn't use a new version tag in CVS. For this purpose, I added:

  • 5 new executable launchers available in install/portable directory of the source code ;
  • new windowsSignedPortableLaunchers and portableArchive targets in build.xml to help me prepare the zipped directory.

But as the final message "copy Windows portable launchers, jres, SH3F, SH3T, SH3L and SH3P files to install/portable/SweetHome3D-${version}-portable and prepare compressed archive" of the portableArchive target suggests, the final assembly should be done manually because it requires to gather launchers and JREs that come from different operating systems.

As my main system runs Mac OS X with virtual machines for Windows and Linux, here's the procedure I used:

  1. Run portableArchive target under Mac OS X
  2. Run windowsSignedPortableLaunchers target under Windows and copy the generated exe in the install/portable/SweetHome3D-${version}-portable directory under Mac OS X
  3. Install standard JREs under Windows 32 bits, Windows 64 bits, Linux 32 bits and Linux 64 bits, and copy the 4 JRE driectories in the install/portable/SweetHome3D-${version}-portable/jre directory under Mac OS X
  4. Run the default target of the build.xml file available in 3DModels project and extract the SH3F files from the generated ZIP files to copy them in install/portable/SweetHome3D-${version}-portable/data/furniture directory
  5. Retrieve the SH3L files available in Translations page and copy them in install/portable/SweetHome3D-${version}-portable/data/languages directory
  6. Compress the install/portable/SweetHome3D-${version}-portable directory with a 7-Zip utility like Keka.

Re: Sweet Home 3D portable version

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