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New Korean version

After the recent release of the Traditional Chinese translation file, I'm pleased to welcome the Korean translation file as the 18th language for Sweet Home 3D user interface and help.

To install a translation SH3L file, download it by clicking on one of the previous links (1 MB each), then under Windows and Mac OS X, double click on it to install and use it in Sweet Home 3D.
Under Linux, if you run Sweet Home 3D from its installer, you can install a SH3L file by opening it with SweetHome3D application contained in the installation folder of Sweet Home 3D, or by running the following command in a Terminal window:

/path/to/SweetHome3D /path/to/Korean-3.2.sh3l

If you run Sweet Home 3D from Java Web Start, run the following command in a Terminal window:

javaws -open /path/to/Korean-3.2.sh3l

If you want to switch back to another language, use Language drop drown list in preferences pane, as for any language supported in Sweet Home 3D.

Many thanks to 백호석 (Hosuk Baek) for his great contribution!

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