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Photo creation contest

Year after year, Sweet Home 3D features allow you to create more and more beautiful images, as shown in the forum gallery. Therefore, I propose to organize the first Sweet Home 3D contest and show the best images on the home page of this web site.

If you want to participate to this contest, please send your image along with its compressed SH3D file (or a link to that file) before 23:59 PDT, October 10, 2010. Images can be computed with the built-in photo creation feature or with the Advanced rendering plug-in. You may include any 3D model in your layout as long as their license allows you to publish the image you created on the Internet (this includes all the models shown at 3D models page and Google Warehouse models). No image post-processing is allowed.

Winners will have their image shown in this blog and on the home page of Sweet Home 3D web site as replacement of the existing gallery. SH3D files are required only as a proof and might be published only with your explicit permission and if its content is redistributable.

Let's show to the world the nice layouts you're able to create with Sweet Home 3D!

The contest is now over! Thank you for participating. See you for the results.

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