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Olympus 3D Designer

mmp Gesellschaft für interaktive Medien mbH recently developed Olympus 3D Designer, an Intranet software based on Sweet Home 3D and designed for the sales staff of Olympus Medical Systems.


The way they use Sweet Home 3D and the additional features they programmed are described in the following PDF document they let me kindly publish here:

As an amateur photographer using Olympus cameras for many years, I feel twice honored by their choice to use Sweet Home 3D in their software.

Avatar: AnoNunga

Re: Olympus 3D Designer

Curious, are they contributing anything back to Sweet Home 3D? For example, models or code?
Avatar: Emmanuel Puybaret

Re: Olympus 3D Designer

Not yet, but future will tell.
Note that this is not a public application, and the GNU GPL lets you modify and use privately a program distributed under this license without being obliged to publish modified sources.
Avatar: Alok

Re: Olympus 3D Designer

I would like to have the hospital objects. I there a way to get the Olympus Library?

Avatar: Emmanuel Puybaret

Re: Olympus 3D Designer

 You should ask to mmp but I'm not sure you'll get a positive answer.

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