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Creating 3D videos

Among the various videos created by Sweet Home 3D users, here are two nice ones available on YouTube:

This one was created with Blender from a Sweet Home 3D file:

and this older other one with Fraps, a screen capture utility:

If you ever try to create a virtual tour like the ones shown in these videos, you'll probably have to spend a lot of time to get a nice result!

But wouldn't it be simpler to generate videos in Sweet Home 3D from camera locations chosen by the user?
I made some attempts by programming a video plug-in with Java Media Framework and the technologies used in the photo creation pane of Sweet Home 3D. The user interface of this plug-in isn't good enough to distribute it yet, but here are two videos made from the example file of the user's guide showing what you could get one day:

This first video was generated in minutes using the same quality as the one used in the 3D view of Sweet Home 3D (OpenGL or DirectX):

This second video was generated in hours using a high quality SunFlow photo-realistic renderer:

By the way, did you see the reflect in the mirror?...

[03/22/2010: Note the ability to create videos was added to Sweet Home 3D 2.3]

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I am impressed!
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