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Arrange your home online

In version 1.5, was introduced an online version of Sweet Home 3D that let you design your home in a web page within your browser.
This version was experimental and even though it let you record your work, only a few shared files could be saved for security reasons, since users couldn't be authenticated on Sweet Home 3D web site yet.

Starting from September 20, the new version of Sweet Home 3D Online lets users registered in the new forum save the homes they created in their user space. At this time, each registered user may create up to 1000 homes and each home file may be 2 MB at most. As home files recorded with the online version don't contain default 3D models files, this should be enough for each home even if you import a light background image and a few 3D models. In all cases, please don't abuse of the bandwidth and the disk space of Sweet Home 3D web site.
Unregistered users can still use Sweet Home 3D Online but won't be able to save their work.

Future improvements that might appear:

  • manage web page closing to avoid losing edited home without being warned [fixed],
  • be able to save preferences online [fixed],
  • export homes to Sweet Home 3D off line version [fixed],
  • be able to delete and rename the home files you created,
  • be able to select the homes you want to share, and whether you want to share them for read only or read/write,
  • any other idea?...

Finally, I'd like to provide a link to this new service in Sweet Home 3D web menus, and propose on home page the choice to run Sweet Home 3D Installer or Sweet Home 3D Online.
Please share your mind if you have a nice idea that will avoid confusing new users between the different options offered to run Sweet Home 3D.

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